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 Aroma:                          Strong                   Flavor:                           Stone Fruit, Plum, Cranberry, Black Currant
 Body:                              Silky 
 Acidity:                          Bright
 Variety:                          Yemen Anesy
 Growing Elevation:    5,900 - 7,200ft
 Milling Process:          Sunlight  without Washing, Dried on                    Rooftops

Directly sourced from Sameeha Mohammed, a women producer from the beautiful Central Mountains of the Yemen Coffee region. This coffee is as unique and exotic as the region where it is produced.  It is still grown and processed as it was over 500 years ago, on the terraces clinging the sides of the semi-arid mountains to the villages that rise like geometric extensions of the mountains themselves.

Today, as humanity faces many challenges, travel may or may not be possible for us, however, the journey of coffee to our homes never stops.  

This coffee brings the energy of the "queen of Mocha", a sign of hope, determination, tenacity, courage, just a few words to describe a remarkable Woman in Coffee.  There is a big difference between producing simple "coffee" and producing a "coffee with a story" that connects us, coffee drinkers with the face, the hands, and the culture of the coffee.

All Yemen Mochas are dry or natural coffees, dried with the fruit still attached to the beans. After the fruit and bean have dried, the fruit husk is removed by millstone, this explains, the rough, irregular look of Yemen beans. I have been told that some of these millstones are still turned by camels or donkeys, you will have to travel to Yemen to confirm. But even millstones are turned by little gasoline motors, it is still very artisan.

The husks or "cascara" of the dried coffee fruit, neatly broken by millstones, are used to make a sweet, lightly drink Yemenis call "qishr". The"cascara" is combined with spices and boiled. The resulting beverage is cooled to room temperature and drunk in the afternoon. Yemenis drink roast-and-ground coffee only in the morning, when, after bathing and prayers, they line up at coffee houses for a quick morning cup of coffee boiled with sugar in Middle-Eastern fashion.