Colombia Miel

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Irresistible NANO lot. 

Sedna Coffee selected this lot after a WOW moment during cupping.  Sweet, Fruity with berry and grapes notes.  It transported us to warm memories of a Trip to Portugal and sitting by the Douro River on a cool summer evening tasting a flight of "Port Wines".  Cocoa notes and Vanilla with species, good body, and mild after taste.

Experimentation and Innovation thru the Fermentation Process is giving us the opportunity to offer this amazing coffee.

"Just" the ripe 70%, 20% "overripe" and 10% half-ripe (red color) are handpicked and hand-selected (the mass) to go to the water tank where only the dense cherries (the ones that float) are selected for the next step in the process.  This also works for cleaning the fruits from natural bacterias.

The mass is kept in the tank to start the "aerobic" fermentation and the "acetic" process.  This process gives the fruity smell and taste of the coffee.  Every day, the juice of the cherries is taken out and kept in special tanks.

After 72 hours of fermentation, the cherries are de-pulped and placed in a tub tank for 3 days.  Special attention is given to prevent over fermentation.

After 3 days, the cherries are removed from the fermentation tank and placed in the sunbeds driers monitoring the moisture level to reach under the 11% mark, approximately 2-3 weeks.

The coffee is removed from the sunbeds and kept in Grain Pro bags with the parchment at least 2 weeks before is milled and prepared to start the journey to our Roastery in San Jose, California.